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Testing and Evidence collecting

Forensic Kits that you can purchase for all home needs

Network Security, Secrets and Solutions

Blood test, that you can get to associate the technology


Havana Syndrome Testing

Experiments/Letters to use or Try

Amy Holem this is just a format for you to use as a basis, proper wording but not limited to

Jeff Madore

Bobby Peitsch The Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs is part of the State Department and an Avenue to forward communication and complaints about Havana Syndrome and Cybertorture. Please send them an email.

FOIA/Manuels/PDF FIles

IRB Approval for Human Test Subjects

General Dynamics Institute (FWA) Approval for Human Test Subjects

Thermal and Behaviorlal effects and exposure to moving small-diameter 95-GHz milimeter Wave Energy Spots FWR2012047H

Interim report for Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to MovingSm all-Diameter, 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots,  FWR-20I2-0I47H

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