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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Question 1: How do I record the frequencies, subliminal communications, sub-carrier waves, and criminals equipment, network information?   The criminals are using wireless and wired access into your home, electronic devices, electrical grid, and network.  They are also using directional and omnidirectional antenna systems for their attacks along with RFID, sensors, RF, and other technology systems. The frequencies and radio waves that are being used are on the invisible spectrum and although you cannot see them, they are still there transmitting the signals throughout your home. When you are using any type of electronic device to record you are still capturing their radio waves within the recording and becomes embedded into the file. 

Question 2: What  type of devices can I use to capture the radio waves, frequencies, and electronic communications?   The Subliminal Acoustic Fingerprinting (SAF) process, can be captured on any electronic device. This includes electronic devices from dash cams, go pros, cell phones, software applications, computers/laptops, hand-held recorders, security cameras, RING, video recorders, camcorders, and more. The communications do work on both analog and digital devices, but there is an issue with AC/DC conversation and overlapping current communications which tamper the original analog file. Until a solution is solved currently SAF is a digital process only.

Question 3: Can I use your reports for courts?   Yes, you can use the reports for court, that is up to you and your lawyer. You can use them for medical purposes, legal purposes, and investigation purposes.

Question 4: Have you been to court?   I have only been in business since 2021 and my clients/victims are just now finding lawyers for representation. Others do not have the means to pay or find a lawyer due to their harassment. I currently am working with ICATOR on a class action lawsuit that involves over 130+ victims, of which will be held in Belgium and in the international criminal court system. Others have taken my reports and used them in the court without needing me to testify. It all depends on your needs and the lawyers viewpoint on how they want to continue.

Question 5: How come you don't release your reports and information?   The information that I can release is on my website throughout the various pages. Otherwise it is considered client privileged information, and I do not release anything to anyone without permission. The clients are free to share their reports and findings with anyone they choose, I will not give out any personal information.

Question 6: Do you have connections to lawyers, private investigators, etc.?   Currently, I have not formed personal connections, other than the ICATOR lawsuit and private lawyers with other clients. I represent clients on a global scale, and only work with the clients one-on-one. If they have a promising resources to help with the investigations, legal issues, I will give it out at that time only with clients permission. Otherwise, it is client privileged information and I cannot release any information that can jeopardize their case.

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