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companies, Equipment, & Networks

This area right here, is companies, corporations, equipment, agencies, departments that I have found audio evidence verifying they are either involved with individuals targeting, stalking, harassment, child/sex trafficking and torture. Just because I found evidence in other people's audios does not mean they are associated with yours. These links that are attached either belong specifically to their websites, or is a website that is examples of the description. It is your job to do research in reference to all that is posted here. I am not responsible for any miscommunications or representation. These have been verified by audio, video, and phone conversation extraction. For example the cherry mixer: The company has NO ASSOCIATION, but that is the best description of the product I can find that describes what a Cherry Mix programmable keyboard is and what is used for. Another example is the D.O.G:  D      O      G   was the abbreviation that I found in the audio/video/phone conversation.  I had to look up what D    O     G stood for and the affiliation in that persons state,vicinity and what the whole and complete statement suggested. These statements where found though, and should be taken into consideration for insight, research, association and learning. If you found some better information to these statements please forward me the information at and I will add it to the button and webpage.

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