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Aimee's Audios


Amy Holem: How I started

One day I was listening and reviewing a recording and I noticed some strange occurrences while playing audio. I asked a law enforcement Lieutenant for some help to get the audio analyzed, but the officer refused to help. I took it upon myself to figure out the process and prove what I heard within the recording. Once I figured out the correct process I was able to hear clearly and audibly the exact communications in that  specific recording.  I started dong some research and analyzed different recordings to see if I received same results in different formats. I have analyzed over 300's of people's audio/videos/phone conversations with 100% success rate of known victims, of everyday people like you and me. I also have analyzed a 100 unknown subjects that had no complaints unlike the victims that have reached out to me. 5G signals, frequencies, waves, beams, telecommunications are produced at such high frequencies, tones and pitches, that they can be captured and proven through an audio forensic analysis. So far with proper research I have proven different false diagnosis from tinnitus, sleep apnea, sleep walking, states of paralysis, morgellons, parkinsons, anxiety, depression, seizures, and ptsd through audio analysis. I also have proven stalking procedures/their locations, equipment being used, names of perpetrators/and their victims, child/sex trafficking rings, illegal surveillance, hacking equipment, and over 72 federal crimes that are being committed daily.  I still continue to do research in this field and am working diligently to get the attention of law enforcement and politicians help, so we can put an end to these acts of torture upon the people in this great world. 

This is a song that I feel that will show you how I can help you when no one else will.

Why Aimee's Audios?

I have dedicated my time, to helping others my whole entire life, and still continue to do till this day.  I have a great personality, an open heart, show empathy towards your situation, and will be willing to listen to you.  Like most people who will turn you away, I will not, I am not scared of losing my job for helping people or retaliation from the government or law enforcement agencies. Many law enforcement and federal agencies charge $1,500 dollars per video/audio/phone conversation. My forensic work is Subliminal Acoustic Fingerprinting that captures the telecommunications in a computer networking infrastructure. This is a technique that no other forensic technician, analyst, agency, or department is aware of. I am a private contractor for the public that can provide evidence that you need to prove the incidences that are occurring. How are officers and law enforcement agencies to uphold the law if they do not investigate drug trafficking, child/sex trafficking, harassments, sexual assaults, torture, abuse of power, or even conspiracy to murder. I aim to teach all federal and law enforcement agencies this technique and bring awareness of the capabilities so they can investigate the crimes in a cyber networking infrastructure, have evidence of stalking, harassment, and end child/sex trafficking faster.   I am fair and reasonable that any person can afford. 

Amy, is a wonderful person and helped me understand the legal issues at hand, and prove the stalking and torture that I am going through.


Amy has legal documentation that cops will listen to.


Amy Has helped me step by step proving these crimes, she is intelligent and takes the time to help me out.


Aimee's Fingerprint

Aimee's Audios is proud to present a patent that will be able to live stream the criminals, stalkers, hackers, and networking infrastructure. This has the capabilities to listen to their attack methods, what equipment they are using, when they are applying depth in the frequency ranges, names/screen names, locations, departments, divisions, agent ID's, drones, lasers, antennas, vehicle descriptions, stalking methods/locations/description, planes, weapon systems, radar, sonar, and so much more. I have proven over 72 different federal crimes that are being committed, from social engineering tactics, voter fraud and manipulations, video voyeurisms, child/sex trafficking rings, mail tampering, identity theft, sexual assaults', conspiracy to murder, torture, and more. The plan is to install signal detection that gives the exact location, and to the direct networking infrastructure. It will include many other features from video recording so you can live stream and take video of the confirmation of stalkers, vehicles, and locations who are following, stalking, monitoring, and surveilling you. This can provide evidence they are using video voyeurisms when in your home, capture descriptions of items, your family and children being watched, monitored or child/sex trafficked and provide law enforcement means to investigate and stop the criminals before they strike and not take a 5-20yr investigation.  Many other features will be added to help detect, locate, stream, record, whatever experience your experiencing. Please support today, donate and share so we can get this to the public as fast as possible. 

This is a copy of the United Nations report that I wrote up for the the Cyber Torture Special Reppretaur and submitted on June 21st, 2020.

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