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Security Devices

As we go through our lives we all hear news releases and read articles on how our lives are being invaded and that we cannot get the proper security. I have talked to many people who all have the same issue. 

Their homes are being broken into, vehicles are being vandalized, property is being destroyed. 

These people are being stalked, harrassed by groups who are invading their lives and their constitutional rights are being destroyed. 


I have compiled a list of security devices that can help you with what you are going through as an individual and as a person. 


These items can help you with protecting not only yourself but your loved ones as well. That way you can feel safe in your daily life. 

All these items are products that I suggest, you do not have to purchase but can help you prove your harassment, stalking and home invasions. 

You want items that are wireless and are battery operated. Anything with bluetooth, and app settings into your phone are hackable and can be altered or deleted from your files or SD cards. Although the Apps are great from your phone you have to make sure you are watching your home while you are out, that way if they cut the feed you can let authorities know right away or make sure you screenshot the time and date of the incident. 

Another thing you can do and I know this is a headache but if this occurs everyday you should do this. Take your phone and video record you with the SD camera and security systems and all the items within your home. Take the SD card out of your phone and keep it on your person. That way it is date and time stamped and have evidence everything was in place before you left your place of residence or vehicle. Protecting yourself is not always easy but it's a necessity. Make sure to change your settings in your phone to save on SD card always. 

Keep copies of all your receipts for law enforcement purposes. Only stalkers know you bought that equipment. If your SD cards were stolen and taken out of your device File a police report right away for breaking and entering and theft. Show them your receipts this will be on record as report, incident number, and officer name.  Get copies ASAP and save them in a safe place and make copies and put them on a flash drive. This also proves the home invasions as a timeline and proves it is a constant incidences. Also proves law enforcement and federal agency involvement if they do not take this seriously and falsify reports. 

I suggest that you buy rechargeable batteries that you can reuse them and always carry a spare set on your person.  


Also buy a spare SD card as well that way when its full you can replace it and start recording again right away. You should always save your files on a seperate hard drive or flash drive that you can keep on your person at all times and give to friends and family as copies. It is not illegal to make copies and use the copies for court purposes. Only if they have been cut, edited, altered will they not be allowed in court unless you have a professional like myself in Digital Investigations and Audio/Video Forensic verify an outside source made alterations.



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