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This is a live USB, where an encrypted operating system is installed onto the drive. The operating system is safe and secure from hackers and layers the original  computer system operating system. Installed is also  protected documents, and a tor browser that you can use for all your computer activity. Safe and free from hackers. Installed is a an encrypted password management system, where you can store all your passwords, web browser information, generate passwords, hide them from criminal access and store them in the encrypted container. Easy copy and paste mechanism so you never know your passwords, nor do the criminals. You can set any restrictions, and set them to any length for further security purposes. This operating system allows you to browse and continue your computer operations on an encrypted network safe and securly without worry. All sales are final.

Live USB Password Manager

SKU: 0002
  • Stored on a Sacn Disk USB, weights 1 gram. Blow with compressed air and store in a dry antistatic container. 

  • All sales are final, if needed to fix the Scan disck please call Aimee's Audios Subliminal Acoustic Fingerprinting for further information. 

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