Lady J

         Currently pursuing her forensic psychology master’s degrees.  She will be working on a master’s thesis to validate the existence of gangstalking aka. vigilante stalking, or group stalking.  The goal is to understand the behaviors associated with these criminal and civil violations, raise awareness, and educate the public on these activities.  Lady J prefers anonymity at this time regarding the advanced nature of the investigative work


  • Master’s degree – forensic psychology - current

  • Master’s degree- International Relations: Conflict Resolution

  • Bachelor’s degree - Sociology (Criminal Justice background)

  • Associate’s degree – General Science/Arts


  • Former U.S. Air Force civilian 10 years in transportation and logistics 

  • Former corrections, patrol, and private investigations 

Skills sets

Leadership, management, strategic thinker, research, investigative mindset, interpret and synthesize data, analysis, some IT knowledge, spiritual advisor (multicultural), critical thinking, empathy, government processes, creative problem identifying and solving, and event coordinator


Animal lover, nature, occult/supernatural studies, travel, & meet new people

Lost Life Insurance Policies

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