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Groups and Connections

Everyone always asks: Who is there to help us? Is there anyone that I can talk to? These groups are here to help you out and support you like myself. Click on the button to gain access to their websites. If you would like to be added please email me with your information and link. 

There are groups and organizations that can help out fight for your cause. Unlike the top, these organizations DO NOT like to be associated with targeting but are willing to help you out.  If you bring up realistic facts, for example: my house is bugged, I was forced into a mental institution, can prove the electronic harassment such as illegal phone tapping, computer hacking, They will be willing to help you.

Some companies, corporations and non-profits can loose their licensing if they help a T.I. out. So make sure you give them facts and evidence to back up your statements. By law you cannot say it happens, if you do not have the evidence.  To get a positive result you have to use laws in place accordingly. 

Mary L.- who is a mental health crisis counselor in the British Columbian area, has agreed to help out Ti's who seek her service free of charge

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