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Where Roosevelt Park, Detroit Michigan

               2405 W. Vernor Hwy Detroit, MI  48216-1515


Date:      August 5th, 6th, & 7th

Time:      10am to 6pm Daily

National Rally!!!

Contact: Cherice Moore (313) 655-3520 & Amy Holem (815) 307-4619

For the National Rally we are looking for donations to purchase items:

  • Stage                                           Podium 

  • Speakers/Microphone              Tents   

  • Tables/Chairs                             Speakers

  • Fliers                                            Camera Systems

  • Pamphlets                                   Projector/Screen

  • Banners                                       Sound System

  • T-Shirts                                        Vendors/Food Trucks

How to Participate

Contact:    Cherice Moore & Amy Holem to participate.

Speakers: Expose & Empower

Vendors: Food Trucks, Drinks, Merchandise

Workshops: Classes, Electronics, Devices, Evidence Collection, Computers, Programmers, Natural/Organic Medicine

Sales: Merchandise, Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Fliers, Pamphlets etc....

Marketing: Help with Promotions, peace pink, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, meetup, podcasts, craigslist, etc.....

Catering: Anyone that wants to cook food, bring dessert

Design: Fliers, pamphlets, shirts 

Expose, Educate, & Empower!!!

          Electronic Harassment

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